Whistleblowing Report

Tesmec provides on internet website and on the intranet site the following email TSPAwhistleblower@gmail.com or TSERVICEwhistleblower@gmail.com which can be accessed through the following password TesmecSPA_violations and TesmecSERVICE_violations so that employees, suppliers, business partners, consulants, collaborators and enyone who is in contact witch Tesmec and intend to carry out, in good faith, detailed reports regarding unlawful conduct or violations of the Code of Ethics, of the Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231, could send an email to TSPAwarning@gmail.com or TSERVICEwarning1@gmail.com with the report respecting anonymity and privacy. The inbox of TSPAwarning@gmail.com and or TSERVICEwarning1@gmail.com are read only by the Supervisory Body of the Companies.

Who can report? Anyone who has an interest in Tesmec (stakeholders): workers, suppliers, customers, consultants, etc.

What can you report? Violations or unlawful conduct concerning, by way of example and not exhaustively

  • the Code of Ethics;
  • the provisions contained in the 231 Model of Tesmec;
  • the processing of personal data (Privacy);
  • failure to comply with laws and regulations provided for within the Tesmec internal regulatory system.
How can you report?

  • verbal communication to the Supervisory Body;
  • ordinary e-mail to the Supervisory Board of Tesmec S.p.A and Tesmec Service S.r.l. Odv@tesmec.com;
  • ordinary mail addressed to Tesmec S.p.a or Tesmec Service S.r.l. c/o Via Zanica 17/O 24050 Grassobbio - Bergamo - Italy or Piazza Sant'Ambrogio, 16-20123 Milan - Italy;
  • fax (+39 035 4522444);
  • voice mail (+39 035 4232911);
  • for Tesmec S.p.A: access to TSPAwhistleblower@gmail.com with the following password TesmecSPA_violations, and addressing the email to TSPAwarning@gmail.com . The whistleblower could cancel the email from "sent-items" folder and from "delated-items folder" in order to maintain privacy;
  • for Tesmec Service S.r.l.: access to TSERVICEwhistleblower@gmail.com with the following TesmecSERVICE_violations, and addressing the email to TSERVICEwarning1@gmail.com . The whistleblower could cancel the email from "sent-items" folder and from "delated-items folder" in order to maintain privacy.
  • The inbox of TSPAwarning@gmail.com and TSERVICEwarning1@gmail.com are read only by the Supervisory Body of the Companies.
Tesmec encourages to make traceble reports by identifying yourself, because only in this way the Company can guarantee confidentiality and anonymity of the whistleblower. In any case, Tesmec will also analyze anonymous reports provided if sufficiently detailed and supported by factual elements.

Tesmec will prosecute the perpetrators of bad faith reports, with defamatory intent involving where necessary judical authorities. Tesmec reserves the right to take action to defend its interests and the correctness of professional relations inside the Company.

What happens in Tesmec following the report? The Supervisory Board (Organismo di Vigilanza) of Tesmec S.p.A and Tesmec Service S.r.l., with the help of the Internal Audit function if necessary, analyzes the reports received to suggest all the necessary measures for prevention, monitoring, etc

Data processing: Data will be processed by the Supervisory Board (Organismo di Vigilanza) of Tesmec S.p.A. and Tesmec Service S.r.l. in compliance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data, pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 - (GDPR) and in compliance with the information relating the processing of personal data of employees, suppliers, agents and clients. The identity of the whistleblower is not disclosed, except of cases provided by the law.

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