Business highlight

Tesmec designs, manufactures and sells products, technologies and integrated solutions for the construction, maintenance and efficiency of infrastructures related to the transport and distribution of energy, data and material 


The Group designs, manufactures and markets integrated systems for the construction and maintenance of infrastructures for the transmission of electricity and, overhead and underground power lines. The Group's solutions are used for maintenance work on existing power lines, for the construction of infrastructures for data transmission and, in particular, for stringing and maintenance of the optical fibre.

In recent years, the Group has strengthened its presence in the stringing market for the construction of overhead and underground electricity transport lines, thanks to the coverage of the main world markets and the continuous innovation in research and development, that allows to offer specific solutions for all lines typologies and voltages, including very high voltage ones and for those that use the new generation of high efficiency conductors.

Starting from 2011, the company strategy has led to the inclusion of management and automation of the electricity grids in the Stringing Segment, in which Tesmec is a world leader, having detected a strong synergistic component from a point of view of the market and the type of customers.

Tesmec thus enters the Energy-Automation Segment, first with the acquisition of minority stakes in some Italian companies in the sector and then, starting from 2017, through their 100% acquisition.

Today the Group develops, manufactures and markets advanced equipment and systems for the automation, efficiency, management and monitoring of high, medium and low voltage electricity grids and substations (with the aim of creating the so-called "smart grids” or smart grids), where, thanks to the mutual exchange of information, all production sources can be managed and integrated efficiently and safely.

Tesmec, thanks to the high technical know-how in the field of electronics, telecommunications and sensors, is now able to offer to its customers complete solutions for the management of the so-called smart grids, proposing solutions in the field of remote control, automation, protections, monitoring, measurement, service telecommunications, sensors and IoT systems.

The portfolio of solutions in the Energy sector is completed by the services of pre-sales technical analysis, engineering and systems integration, scheduled maintenance to maximize the efficiency of the systems, after-sales technical assistance and start-ups in the field, training programs and continuous updating of customer technicians.


The Tesmec Group is one of the main operators worldwide in terms of revenues in the design, production and marketing sector, as well as the rental of high-power tracked trenchers for the construction of in-line excavations (canals and trenches for laying cables or pipes) and surface miners for bulk excavation and mines. In particular, the Group provides solutions and technologies for the in-line excavation of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, aqueducts, telecommunication networks and installation of optical fibre, underground electrical networks, drainage operations, earthworks, quarries and surface mines and specialized excavation services.

The activity of Tesmec Group in the Trencher Sector, in addition to the sale of machines, also provides for the offer of short, medium and long-term rental solutions, with or without operator. The possibility of renting trenchers allows customers to obtain the maximum operational advantage by having the most suitable machinery available for the type of work to be performed, with important savings on execution times and costs, possibly postponing the purchase of the equipment by the customer.

In the Trencher Sector, the services mainly offered by the Tesmec Group, both through internal staff and through external consultants, are consultancy and inspections, feasibility studies and geological analyses, training, fleet management and supervision, diagnostic and maintenance services, on-site assistance and mobile workshops supply.


The Group, leveraging on the many years of experience acquired in the Stringing Segment of the Energy Sector, has consolidated its position in the Railway Business, due to the growing demand for maintenance and monitoring of railway networks, driven by the increasing interest and sensitivity to issues relating to the reliability and security of the infrastructure.
Together with the continuous development of technical solutions for railway catenary laying (railway power supply networks), Tesmec has developed integrated technologies and solutions to automate various maintenance operations of railway power lines. This development took place by a both internal and external growth, through strategic transactions with high technological content small companies that allowed the integration of the Group's historical skills in the electrification of railways with new capabilities related to both vehicles with European certification for circulation and the development of systems for the diagnostics of the railway infrastructure.

Tesmec designs, manufactures and markets integrated systems for the installation of the railway catenary; work vehicles used for the maintenance of the catenary (e.g. wear) and the track for special operations (e.g. removal of snow from the track); and cutting-edge vehicles for overhead and track diagnostics.

Tesmec also offers complementary service packages, such as theoretical and practical courses for technical training, technological consultancy for the use of advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency of projects, vehicles start-up on construction sites and scheduled maintenance to make the equipment use more efficient (maintenance service).