Company profile

Tesmec Group is active in the design, production and marketing of systems and integrated solutions for the construction, maintenance and diagnostics of infrastructures (overhead, underground and railway networks) for the transport of energy, data and materials (oil and derivatives, gas and water), as well as technologies for quarries and surface mining.

The Group operates in the following sectors:

  • Energy Sector, relating to solutions for the transmission and distribution of electricity. Tesmec Group designs, manufactures and markets integrated machines and systems for the construction and maintenance of overhead and underground power lines and fibre optic networks (Stringing segment), as well as advanced equipment and systems for automation, efficiency, management and monitoring of high, medium and low voltage electrical networks and substations (Energy Automation Segment)
  • Trencher Sector, relating to underground civil infrastructures and surface mines. Tesmec Group carries out the design, production, sale and rental of trencher machines functional to four types of activities: excavation and mines, excavations for the installation of pipelines, for the construction of telecommunication and optical fibre infrastructures and for the construction of underground power networks, as well as the provision of specialized excavation services. The trencher machines are rented by the Group both with the operator (hot rental or wet rental) and without an operator (cold rental or dry rental)
  • Railway Sector, relating to the railway networks. In this sector, the Group designs, manufactures and markets machines and integrated systems for the installation and maintenance of the railway catenary, and devices for the diagnostics of the railway catenary and track, as well as customized machines for special operations on the line

Born in Italy in 1951 and led by the President and CEO Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni, the Group can count on more than 900 employees and has its production sites in Grassobbio (Bergamo), Endine Gaiano (Bergamo), Sirone (Lecco) and Monopoli (Bari) in Italy, Alvarado (Texas) in the USA and Durtal, France, as well as three research and development units in Fidenza (Parma), Padua and Patrica (Frosinone).

Listed on segment Euronext STAR Milan of the market Euronext Milan of the Italian Stock Exchange, the Group also has a global commercial presence through foreign subsidiaries and sales offices in USA, South Africa, West Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Qatar, China and France.

The know-how achieved in the development of specific technologies and innovative solutions together with a team of highly specialized engineers and technicians, allow Tesmec Group to directly manage the entire production chain: from the design, production and marketing of machinery, to the supply of know-how related to the use of systems and work optimization, up to all pre and post sales services connected to machinery and to the efficiency of jobsites.

In its development strategy, the Group intends to consolidate its position as a solution provider in the three business areas by exploiting the trends of the energy transition, digitalization and sustainability.